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Don't Let Judy Leave without a Coat! - لا تدع جودي تخرج دون معطف

Don't Let Judy Leave without a Coat! - لا تدع جودي تخرج دون معطف

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Ages: 3+

Publisher: Dar Al-Yasmine

Author: Maria Dadouch

Illustrator: Waleed Taher

Book Format: Paperback, 24 pages


Dear readers, Judy’s mother left a letter asking you not to allow Judy to go out of the house without a coat. The problem is that Judy is not the type that give up quickly, and believe me, she will ask you on every page of this book to let her out without a coat. each time Judy will try to convince you of her opinion; Will you be able to say to her out loud, “Nooooooo…”? It is really a tough job! 

Why we love it

The author encourages kids to say no in this book since they are rarely able to get away with it! The story develops as Judy's feelings emerge stronger in each page, allowing children to share her feelings as she attempts to disobey house rules. The language in the book is easy to read and understand as it's written in a simplified way to target children's minds. Bonus - the book is in both Arabic and English!

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