About Us

When we started having kids, the pressure to teach them the language and have them connect to our culture was amplified x100, especially living in the U.S. It felt like a mission to find good quality resources around us that would help ease this pressure. It also felt hard to meet other Arab moms who share the same values when it comes to teaching their kids Arabic. Out of this frustration, we decided to take a leap of faith and Halseesan was born!

As for the name? It was a no brainer! We grew up to our parents singing this nursery song to us and now we sing it to our seesan! It's loved and recognized by all Arabic speakers and makes you feel cozy. You also can't help but sing the song when you say the word Halseesan!

Our hope is that this page becomes more than a place for you to buy books and toys. We hope it becomes a community where moms can come together to learn from each other and share their experiences with one another when it comes to motherhood and the love of all things Arabic.

And if there is anything we would like you all to remember about us, it's that we are two moms who are on the same journey with you all and we are so grateful to be able to do this.

هالصيصان مشروع كتير عزيز عقلبنا. كأمهات عايشين بأميركا، عم نلاقي صعوبة كبيرة بشراء كتب و ألعاب تعليمية و بنوعية منيحة لأولادنا. عشان هيك، قررنا انو مشروع هالصيصان راح يكون ملجأ لكل أم عربية عايشة بأمريكا و كندا و مواجهة نفس المشكلة. مكتبتنا الإلكترونية بتحتوي على مزيج حلو من ألعاب و كتب بتنمي حب تعلم اللغة العربية و القراءة. بدنا ولادنا ينمو حبهم للغتهم و بلادهم، و أهم طريقة عشان نوصل لهاد الهدف هو تعليمهم العربي  من أول مشوارهم