Events + Workshops

We're excited to announce our first Arabic Reading Workshop with Sama'a Alazzeh! We'll be reading Zingo Ringo's My little Grocery Store followed by fun activities for the kids. The event is free and open for all. Click HERE to sign up :)

You'll receive an invitation link when you sign up. If you would like to participate in the activities, have these materials ready to go:

Activity #1:

  1. Watercolors and Paintbrushes
  2. White Paper Plates

Activity #2:

  1. Mini and Jumbo Popsicle Sticks
  2. School Glue
  3. Red, Green, and Brown Paper
  4. Optional Embellishments - glitter glue, rhinestones, feathers, etc.

Activity #3:

  1. Orange, Green, and Yellow Paper
  2. Brown yarn for hanging (or you can substitute any material to hang)
  3. Scissors 4. Stapler 5. Glue (glue dots work too)

 See you there!