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Ramadan Blessings - تباشير رمضان

Ramadan Blessings - تباشير رمضان

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Ages: 5+

Publisher: Nabdu Al Qalam

Author: Arwa Althanyan

Illustrator: Noor Mustafa

Book Format: Paperback, 19 pages


People have spotted the Ramadan crescent moon, and they're excited to spend the month getting closer to God through reading the Quran, praying, and performing Zakat. They celebrate completing the month at the sight of the crescent moon at the end of the month, ushering Eid Al Fitr and its joyous celebrations. 

Why we love it

This is a rhyming book that goes through the stages of Ramadan from spotting the moon, to observing Laylat Al Qadr to celebrating Eid. The book is beautifully illustrated to show the beauty of observing the month of Ramadan.

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