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Adnan and the Ramadan Dish - عدنان و طبق رمضان

Adnan and the Ramadan Dish - عدنان و طبق رمضان

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Ages: 5+

Publisher: Al-Yasmine Books

Author: Haya Saleh

Illustrator: Aly Al-Zainy

Book Format: Paperback, 36 pages


The winner of The Arabic Children’s Book Publishers Forum 2020 award.

Our friend Adnan decides to fast Ramadan, and on the first day of his fast he feels very hungry and thirsty, and he wishes that his mom would cook him his favorite dish. His mom decides to cook something that Adnan does not like. How will Adnan feel? What is his favorite dish? 

لقصة تروي عن الطفل عدنان و صيام أول يوم في رمضان و ما يخالجه من مشاعر بالاضافة الى وحدة المجتمع المتمثلة في العمارة التي يسكنها عدنان باسلوب بسيط و شيق 

Why we love it

A story about the month of Ramadan, that will teach little ones what the meaning of blessings, compassion and giving looks like during this month.

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