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A Cake for Mama - كعكة لماما

A Cake for Mama - كعكة لماما

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Ages: 5+

Publisher: Dar Al-Salwa

Author: Taghreed Al-Najjar

Illustrator: Ali Al-Zaini

Book Format: Paperback


Jad and Tala work together to prepare an orange cake to surprise Mama on Mother's Day. They prepared the necessary materials such as butter, eggs, sugar, oil and flour, and mixed all the ingredients together. When Mama came home the university, she knew that there was a surprise because of the smell of cake that filled the place. But something unexpected happens! Will the family continue celebrating? Pick up this book to find out!

Why we love it

A sweet story that introduces the idea of surprising someone you love. It also teaches siblings how to work together to accomplish a task. Bonus - written in simple and easy Arabic!

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