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Amasi: Holiday Lantern Threading Craft

Amasi: Holiday Lantern Threading Craft

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Our Holiday Lantern Threading Craft Packs are sure to be a big hit with your kids, adolescents, and teenagers. With six individual lantern sets in each pack, everyone gets the chance to make their own holiday lantern. Each pack includes 6 pre-cut lanterns, colorful beads, and color coordinated string to put together and create a festive lantern. The multiple colors and various textures also make this craft Autism friendly. Grab a set for a craft table, classroom activity, or pass them out in goodie bags. Either way you'll thank us later.


  • Lantern size: 5 x 9 inches
  • 6 - Pre-cut colored lanterns
  • 6 - Kid-friendly threading needles
  • 24 - Individual strings for threading (green, blue, purple, yellow)
  • 6 - Sets of star sticker gems
  • 6 - Packs of assorted colored beads
  • 6 - Individual silver threads for hanging each lantern
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