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Dalilah and the Moon - دليلة و القمر

Dalilah and the Moon - دليلة و القمر

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Ages: 4+

Publisher: Kalila Wa Dimna

Author: Muna Abu-Dayyeh

Illustrator: Sasha Haddad

Book Format: Hardcover, 24 pages


Where does the moon go during the day? Dalilah, a very curious little girl would ask herself and uses her imagination to try to find out the answer.

إلى أين يذهب القمر في النهار؟
!كانت دليلة تفكر وتحتار
قصة مشوقة عن حب الاستطلاع، المثابرة والإيمان بالذات


Why we love it

A book that encourages curiosity and inquisitive questions! In addition, the rhyming language makes it fun to keep reading.

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