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Months of the Year - أشهر السنة

Months of the Year - أشهر السنة

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Ages: 6+

Publisher: Asala Publishers

Author: Ruba Baydoon

Illustrator: Sawsan Noor-Allah

Book Format: Paperback, 27 pages


For every month there is a proverb, and in every proverb there is a rhyme.

This book is packed with information about the characteristics of the months in our region. Our proverbs through the generations are musical, and they are the basis of the text of this book. 

لِكُلِّ شَهرٍ مَثَلُ، وفي كُلِّ مثل سجع، وفي هذا السَّيْع معلومات عن خصائص الأشهر في مِنطَقَتِنا. أمثالنا المُتَوازَلَةُ عَبر الأجيال موسيقية، وهي أساس نص هذا الكتاب. الرسوم تأخَذْنَا فِي رِحْلَةٍ عَبر مَعالِمَ أُثرِيَّةٍ وَبِينِيَّةٍ ذَاتِ أَهْمَيَّةٍ ثَقَافِيَّةٍ

Why we love it

The book is beautifully illustrated to show drawings that take us on a journey through archaeological and cultural landmarks. It also includes links for a video and a song to go with it. This provides a complete visual and audio experience for the reader.

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