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Sounds of the Night - أصوات الليل

Sounds of the Night - أصوات الليل

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Ages: 3+

Publisher: Dar Al-Banan

Author: Gaby Nunez

Illustrator: Sahar Abdullah

Book Format: Storybook, 23 pages


There are sounds we hear at night. Why do we fear them? 

The boy in the book hears strange sounds at night and lets his imagination run wild. Are they wild animals watching him? This is too scary. His dad comes up with the perfect solution to ease his kid's mind and let him rest at night without any worries. Read on to find out what the dad did!

Why we love it

This storybook tackles the issue of fear of the unknown. Kids can't logically formulate solutions and find answers to their fears. Our role as parents is to help them overcome their fears in a healthy way.

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