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Subhan Allah - سبحان الله

Subhan Allah - سبحان الله

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Ages: 3+

Publisher: Al-Hadaek Group

Author: Dr. Nabiha Muhaidli

Book Format: Paperback, 20 pages


A little girl observes the nature that surrounds her and is taken back by the beauty of God's blessings on this earth. When looking at this beauty of nature, the first word she says is "Subhan Allah."

يكتشف ‬الطفل دورة الحياة والفصول الأربعة،‮ ‬عندما‮ ‬يتأمّل ما‮ ‬يحدث حوله،‮ ‬في‮ ‬الطبيعة وفي‮ ‬عالم الحيوان والنبات والإنسان‮. ‬وأمام كل مشهد،‮ ‬ينطلق اللّسان وحده معبّراً‮: ‬سبحان اللّه

Why we love it

This book gives parents an easy way to explain to children about God's blessings that surround us everyday and to see the beauty in all that's around us.

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