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Inshallah - إن شاء الله

Inshallah - إن شاء الله

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Ages: 3+

Publisher: Al-Hadaek Group

Author: Dr. Nabiha Muhaidli

Book Format: Paperback, 16 pages


Adam wonders why his Dad answers all of his questions with "Inshallah," but as time goes by, he understands the true meaning of this word. 

كتاب يصوِّر ردَّة فعل الطفولة البريئة لدى سماعهم «إن شاء الله» من أهلهم.. هذه الكلمة تنتقل عبر التربية من جيل إلى جيل، فتصبح جزءاً لا يتجزّأ من الوجدان

Why we love it

As children it can be frustrating to only hear Inshallah as an answer. This book uses repetition of the word as well as simple sentences to show children how Inshallah is used in our culture and how it can be passed down to generations.

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